I was out


party night
I was out few days, it´s summer and I finally feel it. I was in Žilina, 6th largest city in Slovakia.
First night me, my cousin and aunt went to a club, to dance and drink a little. I was wearing purple legins and so much make-up. It was a change I don´t use to coloured up my eyes. But to do myself older I had to do it :D.

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2 komentárov

  1. Sorry, I dont like it at all... But you re very nice in face!

  2. Ufff tak toto nieeee :(((
    Sorry,ale veľmi zlý outfit, veď na ostatných foto si vždy veľmi chic!!! Toto dajako nevyšlo, ale tak každý spravíme občas prešľap. :)


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