Yes, I know


Yes, I know that I post all photos during one day, but I want you to know me better and what is important, FASTER :)
I bought this great yellow nylons in H&M yestardy and I totally fall in love with them :) And with this grey sweather dress, too :) It´s from H&M again :D. They´ve got a big sales now, so I have to buy something :)
And what I´m really lucky for is, that I made on Polyvore a set with the dress and nylons I bought :D. First I made a set and after few months I found clothes I wanted :)


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  1. ja som tiez uplne zavisla na farebnych silonkach.ale hlavne v zime..lebo neznasam dzinsy..cize ked chcem nieco kratsie musim dat silonky...a najlepsie farebne....ale zlte este nemam v zbierke...awrrr!


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