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Ok, every girl has some secret wishes. You know, when you´re in a bed and you´re trying to asleep. Your dreams are made by you in these moments. You´re dreaming about a perfect unknown guy, which would kiss you in the middle of a street, about a love letter from your ex, which you still love or that you would be at home alone, of course, you would look good (have make-up, great hair and plain white shirt with hot pants - like always at home :D) and then somebody would knock at your door, you would open and you would see you lover.
Yes, that was my dream :) But I stopped to think about it, because it never happens.
Until I found my superhero :)


Ok, of course, the reality was little different. I was ill, home alone this Thursday and I looked ill, just ill. In my nice pyjama with pink bear. I was phoning with my boyfriend (because he wanted to know some information about buses, when I heard knocking. I opened the door and my love was standing near to me. I was shocked. Really shocked, then happy, very happy :) He brought me a rose and desert :). My dream came true, and it´s no important, how I looked.

What about you? Have you ever been in similar situation? :)

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6 komentárov

  1. Tak to je krásné ... :) to nemáš jen přítele, ale přímo zlatý důl! :D

  2. ako z nejakeho filmu:)mas stastie kocka!
    mne sa to este nestalo...

    pekne fotecky

  3. to je užasný:)
    ..taky se mi nic takového ještě nestalo:/

  4. občas se mi stalo,že mě přítel chtěl mile překvapit a já byla v pyžamu,s pleťovou maskou na obličeji:D


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