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I´m so sorry, I don´t post enough posts in these times. I really would like to, but I don´t have time, you know. But I will try to do something with it :).
Next saturday (28.11.2009) our school corporation is making an Oldies Party. I hope it will be good and people will come. We had (and always have) a big problems with a poster on this party. Our already ex-friend didn´t send us a billboard yet! And he has two weeks to did it. Anyway, we made everything to hunt out somebody, who could make it in 24 hours. Today, we have a poster. Not as nice as we wanted, but I like it, and I´m so happy that we have some poster neither.
But, not everybody has a same opinion, so my friend found a guy, who is already making an other poster, so I´m inquisitive, it will be better or not as it is now.

Yesterday my friends mother made me this beautiful nails. I love this color! By the way, this is my favourite toy from Tunis. My mum bring it away with my dad from honeymoon when I was only 2-3 years old. Since this moment I love black and white cows :). I call her Bocika. In translate it is a Moo - Cow in Hungarian.

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9 komentárov

  1. som si prve vsimla tie nechtiky..krasny lak...a aj ta kravicka..:)
    to mavate taketo akcie v skole casto?aj ja by som chcela...awwr

  2. Oh, pretty nails!! Love the colour!!

  3. oh tak to si tam zajdu se podivat,vazne to vypadalo jako dziny :D

    mm jinak krasnej lak.

  4. Beautiful blue nails girl!!

    And I love love your adorable cow toy tooo <3

  5. Teda na to ze uz je docela starousek vypada prekvapive dobre :) A tvoje nehty jsou super!


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