DIY: Flower necklace


flower homemade necklace

Once I was reading Inspire and I found one perfect streetstyle pic with two young Japan girls. One of them has an amazing necklace with 5 big white flowers. I told to myself, that with my good feeling and talent to make things with needle, I should try to generate similar as this one, cause I am sure, that I won´t buy it in Slovakia. And when it made by me, it has definitely bigger amount.

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7 komentárov

  1. Glad Edie and Andy have pride of place in the photo frame!Also love the view in this picture, and love your girgeously provocative header!
    Thanks for the comment,

  2. the necklace looks gorgeous, you're so talented!

    aww do you really think my hair looks like Sienna Miller's??? that was lovely

  3. When I saw the first photos, just the flowers, I wasn´t that much excited bout them, but on you it looks great! I would really never say it, but it´s true :) Love your outfit.


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