Oh! welcome summer


new hair

sexi smoker

Right, I was really looking forward a summer, because I hated school last days, I was tired and nervous....the summer comes and I´m more tired and more nervous than before :D (just look - I smoke). That´s ´cause my work. I have to wake up at 6.00am, then be all the day on the sun (sounds great, but not without pause and shade). When I finally come home and want to go to the city, chill, drink wine and talk with friends, I´m completely, but completely clapped. I just go to a bed and wake up at 6.00am again. I can´t wait to work after 1.00pm. Hope, it´s gonna be better.

mojito party

But, the sun was shining yesterday, my belly wanted to be brown and my tongue was thirsty and the whole of my organism wanted to feel mojito. So me, my best friend (she´s working with me) and my cousin made a decision to make a ,,Mojito Summer Home Party" :D. Enjoy! That was the only one day of holiday, I feel that is summer.

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5 komentárov

  1. vadi ma ta zelena stuzka,ale saty su DOKONALEEE....P

  2. sandalky su úplne skvelé a šaty tiež, ale stužku by som dala preč, inak je to super... :D

  3. tenhle tvuj model se mi libi asi nejvic, hlavne tomu dodava stavu ta zelena masle, perfektni


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